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"The Chamber has provided a unique platform to foster meaningful relationships and collaborations that have greatly enriched my professional network. The networking events are held in amazing venues, creating an atmosphere that is both enjoyable and conducive to productive networking. The Chamber cares about the success of its members and creates an environment where you can thrive and contribute to the business community. My heartfelt thanks to everyone involved in making this such a rewarding experience.'' 

Monisha Robinson,  Mocaro 

Amanda's Action Club 



I was invited to a Kensington & Chelsea Chamber event over 6 years ago and have continued to network and make lifelong friends with incredible business owners ever since.  

We meet in fabulous venues around London, some of which I never knew existed. The chamber members have become my family and I look forward to attending each month.” 

Amanda Frolich, Amanda's Action Club 

Meena Julien Photography

Meena Julien.jpg


"Networking is crucial for us as business owners; I am happy to be a member of the Kensington & Chelsea Westminster Chambers of commerce; their networking events are always in amazing venues, attended by incredibly interesting people. Great for making new contacts and for I have also made some good friends. I look forward to each event and book in advance because they sell out; the best investment I have made this year"

Meena Julien, Meena Julien Photography

The Hippodrome 

Simon Thomas_edited.jpg


“We were absolutely delighted to welcome so many members of the Chamber to the Hippodrome. We love to show off what we have built here, and the response was heartening. It’s vital that the local business eco community continues to work as a team, building central London’s economy and engaging with more audiences from throughout the world. Come back soon, we’d be delighted to see you!” 

Simon Thomas, The Hippodrome 

Marc Oliver



“KCWC is amazing and vibrant chamber run buy a knowledgeable and friendly team that attract an unbelievable collection of very interesting professional people to their beautiful events. I have met some amazing people at this chamber and have built up some very valuable, meaningful relationships and made many new business allies and friends too. 
I would 100% recommend anyone who is serious about growing their network of contacts to join the chamber and come along to the events as you will quickly see why they are such a great team to know & work with".

Jamie Henfrey, Marc Oliver 

Swingers The Crazy Golf Club



"I absolutely love being a member of the Chamber. Having hosted a networking event for the Chamber myself at Swingers – The Crazy Golf Club, I can wholeheartedly say that every event is expertly organised, held at some of London’s most impressive venues and filled to the brim with a truly interesting and admirable mix of people from within the community. I am indebted to the Chamber for the volume of valuable connections I have made, in both business and friendship"

Bailey Whitnell, Swingers Club

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