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Chamber Charities

The K+C Foundation is an independent local charity set up in 2008 to tackle the key inequalities in the borough. Despite being a highly affluent borough, more than 1 in 5 (23%) Kensington and Chelsea neighbourhoods are among the poorest in England and Wales. 

Their vision is of a borough where everyone has the opportunity to live happy, healthy, fulfilled lives. To achieve this vision, they use our extensive local knowledge and networks to connect donors to the most vital issues in the community and support their charity partners. In 2021 their research, Poverty and Prosperity in Kensington + Chelsea’, identified the key inequalities in the borough as being across education, health and employment. In response to this they have established three funds which support projects addressing these needs – Improving Mental Health, Reducing Education Inequality, and Improving Skills + Employment. 

Giving to local charities through the K+C Foundation is an excellent way to support the immediate community and achieve significant impact. As well as fundraising and donating to support projects, you can also support their work by becoming a corporate patron and volunteering.


For more information visit their website –

or email the Communications + Partnerships Manager, Charlotte Crossan –

Kensington Chelsea Foundation Teal Logo

The Kensington Chelsea & Westminster Chamber of Commerce is proud to support and partner with The Kensington + Chelsea Foundation and Young Westminster Foundation. There will be many opportunities for our members to learn more about the work of the K+C Foundation and YWF, and to become involved with them. We will share news about the range of opportunities to help your business maximise your social impact in Kensington, Chelsea & Westminster, and to either fundraise for our charities or get involved in their projects.  

Young Westminster Foundation-Logo

Young Westminster Foundation brings together a community of youth organisations, business and strategic partners to create opportunities for Westminster's 54 000+ young people. Through working together more effectively at a local level, the YWF community are working towards solutions around some of London’s greatest challenges, including emotional health & wellbeing, serious youth violence and employability. Since 2017, they have supported 100+ local youth clubs and organisations through grants, training, and networking opportunities. Forging partnerships with business, public sector partners, individuals, and major funders. Their work helps strengthen services for all young people growing up in Westminster. And they continue to respond directly to the needs of those growing up in Westminster, consulting with more than 1,000 local young people to find out which issues matter most. They are part of the growing national network of Young People’s Foundations providing a fresh approach to supporting young people. 

To help young lives thrive, they believe in the value of high-quality youth work and the need for long-term investment for youth clubs and children’s charities. They will continue to sustain and celebrate the wonderful offering of projects and services that enable young people to shine in Westminster. 

For more information visit their website -

or email the Business Development Lead, Zahid Nawaz -  

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