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Welcome to the 2024 Business Awards, where we will represent some of the finest and most innovative businesses within our boroughs of Kensington, Chelsea and Westminster. Such a fantastic way to gain recognition and we know that these types of accolades have a profound effect when companies are sourcing new business and making decisions.

As we unveil the categories for this year's awards, we are thrilled to introduce some exciting new additions to our lineup. These categories celebrate the diversity and dynamism of our local businesses, highlighting their contributions to our vibrant communities. And now, as entries to the awards officially open, I encourage each and every one of you to nominate yourself or a deserving business for recognition in one of our fabulous categories. 

Recognizing the vibrant and diverse array of businesses within our boroughs is not only a privilege but also a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit and innovation that thrives within our community. From small startups to established enterprises, each contributes uniquely to the economic vitality and cultural fabric of our neighbourhoods. By shining a spotlight on these businesses, we celebrate their achievements, resilience, and commitment to excellence. It's a joy to witness the impact they make, not just locally, but often on a broader scale, inspiring others and fostering growth and prosperity for all.



Jason Window

Chairman of the KCWCC

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